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Vicky Zugah: ‘not every woman is born to marry, happiness comes from within’

Vicky Zugah, a celebrated and popular ghanaian actress, has acknowledged that she is not in a hurry to getting married because not every woman is born to marry.

Vicky revealed this in a Facebook Live video saying:

“Happiness comes from within and not from a marriage or your spouse. Not every woman is born to marry. Some women want to have a good career and travel around and be happy,”

“I would rather be single than to be married and be miserable. Looking at the divorce rate out there, I think I am okay being single right now,”

Speaking on societal pressure to settle down, the single mother of two said:

“The pressure is everywhere and it’s not funny anymore. Some women won’t marry because they haven’t found the right person and that is what I want people to understand,”

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