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Nollywood Regina Daniel’s sudden wealth after acquiring 2 Benz and buying a house for her mother within a month is questionable – Nigerians reacts

Nigerians questions Regina Daniel’s sudden wealth after acquiring 2 Benz cars and building a house for her mother within a month

Regina Daniels, the 19-year old Nigerian actress, is now a trending topic on social media after flagging her second Benz and an edifying edifice she got her mum all within a space of just about 4-weeks.

While a most Nigerians celebrates with her over her new acquisitions, others are questioning the source of income and how many movies she’s actually featured in that would give her so much wealth.

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The Hair plug@Msmenalicious

Which movie is Regina Daniels acting abeg? She just got her second Benz after buying a house for her mum.. or they now pay actors in million dollars?

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In as much as I think Regina Daniels wealth is questionable, y’all don’t question these useless male musicians wealth like you do to her.

At least, she gets paid for every film she acts but that can’t be said about these musicians who get one event in a year but live lavishly.

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I think Regina Daniels is secretly acting for Hollywood,,because all this money can’t come from African magic movies just like that😂😂.

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Regina Daniels with another Benz and a house in one month, what is she doing right that I’m doing wrong 😩😩😩😩

Abi where can I register for acting coz this asaba movie is a cash out 🙄

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Oluwafemi Anthony@RealSOK_

On a serious note, i have never seen Regina Daniels on block blusters movies ads.

The last time i saw her in a movie was Soul Mate i guess with Van Viker and Mercy Johnson and that was 2009.

How’s she acquiring big houses and benz?

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David Amedu@David_Amedu

This Regina Daniels matter tire me. Am suspecting Atiku in all this. All this started a month ago

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Some girls say Regina Daniels na runs girl😂😂😂 you way no be runs girl but you don fuck all your departmental guys..
Madam clam down you be osho free olosho ….

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Oluwa Tobi@TobiDaGreatest

So Regina Daniels just got her second Brand New Tear-rubber Benz after buying a house for her Mum … Do they pay our actresses In dollars or God has just been so Good to the Sisters in the industry 🌚🌚🌚 ?

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Ezeohaduru 1@ngagehenry

Just this morning I had a discussion with my wife telling her that Nollywood female actors are mostly high class runs girls using Regina Daniels as a case study. The kind mansions they buy eeh. Wonder if the men are paid less. Her Chi is working for her anyway.

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America have Kylie Jenner

We have Regina Daniels

It’s a 1 – 1 goalless draw

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Opens twitter, see De gea and Regina Daniels trending.. Thinks Regina daniels have started dating De gea….
Checks and see People comparing Ter Stegan to De gea….
Awon brainless people…

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That Regina Daniels girl got her Mum a house yesterday, got a Benz for herself today…..Please what exactly is she doing that pays her that much??

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If it were to be a guy thats doing what Regina Daniels is doing they would say its yahoo or money rituals..b4 u knw whats up EFCC at ur door step

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Regina Daniels bought 2 Benz and got a house for her mom is not the problem… The problem is Who told my mom that an 18yo did all that?
Mom has been disturbing me to buckle up , extra pressure added

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