Fake News Inquiries: MPs questions Mark Zuckerberg’s no show up at a hearing today

MPs questions Mark Zuckerberg’s no show up at a hearing today.

Top Political Office holders from nine different countries reacted to Mark Zuckerberg’s no show up at a hearing today.

The gathering marked an unprecedented international inquiry into the disbursement of fake news.

The Vice-president of policy solutions of Facebook, Richard Allan, represented his boss, Mark Zuckerberg

The people who were present in the meeting were top political office holders from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, Latvia, and Singapore together with members of the UK’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

Damian Collins, its chairman, has repeatedly asked that Mr Zuckerberg in attendance of the hearings.

Richard Allan faces grills on various Facebook policies and actions in addition to the subject regarding his boss not appearing in the meeting.

It had been thought that a cache of Facebook documents, seized by MPs from a US businessman on the grounds that they were relevant to the inquiry, might be shared – but Mr Collins said that they would not be published today.

An Observer said they included data about privacy controls of Facebook.

They had been sealed by a US court, and Facebook has demanded their return.

However, the contents of one email from 2014 were alluded to, in which a Facebook engineer reported unusual levels of Russian activity – namely that huge amounts of data were being pulled daily from devices with Russian IP addresses.

Richard Allan was asked whether any action was taken, or authorities notified.

He disclosed that the information he had was partial at best and that he would have to come back with more details.

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